Design of Plated Structures

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Författare: D. Beg, U. Kuhlmann, L. Davaine, B. Braun
Utgivningsår: 2010
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The main aim of this book is to provide practical advice to designers of plated structures for correct and efficient application of EN 1993-1-5 design rules. In Chapter 1 the purpose, the scope and the structure of the book is explained.  In Chapter 2 a detailed and commented overview of EN 1993-1-5 design rules is given following the structure of the standard. Shear lag effect as well as plate buckling problems due to direct stresses, shear forces, transverse forces and interaction of these effects are covered. This chapter also includes a reduced stress method and a finite element analysis approach to plate buckling problems. A large number of design examples illustrate the proper application of individual design rules. Chapter 3 and 4 bring two complete design examples on a crane runway beam and a box-girder bridge.