Prediction of noise from railway bridges

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Författare: J Anderson
Utgivningsår: 1998
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Paper presented at the 2nd World Steel in Construction conference 1998.
The question about noise from railway bridges, has up till now often been a task for expensive actions after the bridge has been built. The Swedish Institute of Steel Construction has developed a prediction model for airborne sound in any point beside a bridge, and structureborne sound at any position on the bridge. The model utilises a computer programme based on SEA (Statistic Energy Analysis).
Possible bridges include steel, concrete and composite railway bridges, with or without ballast or sleepers. The model will be used to analyse and improve existing noisy bridges, to improve the bridge design, and to design ”silent bridges”.
One of the results is that in positions beside and under the studied bridges with closed decks, the contribution from the structureborne sound is small compared with the airborne sound.